Uebert Angel’s Prophet Bushiri Caught On Video Sexing Ipad Up

By Malawian Watchdog|Uebert Angel’s official “spiritual son,” Shepherd Bushiri has been caught on camera sexing up a prophecy using an ipad device.
Last year Uebert Angel announced in a tweet that he is proud of “my son” Bushiri for having managed to gather a stadium full of congregants.
However the same South Africa based Malawian so called “Prophet” Shepherd Bushiri, has seen the court of the public opinion delivering its verdict that he is truly “a bonafide false Prophet” implying therefore that Bushiri is an agent of the devil.
This clear conclusion is based on a series of events the recent one being one of the “ipad” sexed up miracle which has revealed it all. As regards the ipad miracle, Bushiri during one of his church services as watched live on his Prophetic channel asked a dreadlocked man to come to the front for a Prophecy.

He said he saw that the devil wanted to attack his child. Bushiri in the video is seen doing his antics saying he is failing to know or pronounce the name of the man’s child.

The drama continues….
From there, in the video Bushiri speaks to himself blaming self for failing to decipher the child’s name in the spirit realm. He then finds a solution to the problem saying he will capture (take photo) of the child in the spirit realm using an ipad.

He asks one of the members (within a hand’s reach) who had an ipad to use it for the miracle much to the jubilation of the followers.

Bushiri then takes the ipad, opens the camera as if he intends to take the photo; at that point, he visibly double clicks on the picture gallery of the Ipad and boom, he brings up the picture of the child. The photo then appears on the ipad’s screen with the live video cameras claiming that he has taken the photo in the spirit realm bringing it to the ipad again much to the jubilation of his gullible followers.

COMMENT – Watch the video and make your own judgment but if you are honest enough, you will understand what people have commented before that the man is a devil’s agent.


By Malawian Watchdog)
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